We, Nepalese Students, were quite satisfied with the education system provided there. The theoretical concepts that teachers provided were beneficial. We always had a clear view of the topics from our teachers who taught us. But still, we knew there was something lacking, because of which we were always behind and that is still prevailing in our country.

After completion of our high school we came to India for our further studies then we found out that we were lagging behind in practical concept. We were abundantly provided with theoretical concepts but we didn't know how to implement those. We still remember we were taught about transistor and diode when we were in grade 12 but till this date, we have never seen transistor and diode. This is what we still lack in the education system of our country.

We always had enthusiasm to contributing something for the students of our country so after giving it a thought, we decided to build a platform for Nepalese people which will help them to solve their queries which they are facing. We decided to implement practical concepts for Nepalese students. This is how "Nepali Coders" was established. We started with the motto "Navigate. Modern. Technology." which stands for "Navigate the style of living in a Modern world of computer science and Technology."

We believe with this platform we will be able to implement practical concepts in our country, which will contribute for the bright outcomes from our country and the only thing we need is great support from the people of our country. With a hope to see a brighter Nepal, let's join our hand and march forward for future endeavor. The only thing we need is great support from everyone.